The Barista household was called twice this weekend by the Quinnipiac polling organization, which presumably is desperate to know how we will vote next Tuesday. (We weren’t home, but they left messages.) A few weeks ago, a good friend, coming home from the Springsteen concert, also got a call from a poller.
In the past, political polls always involved the opinions of people we didn’t know, people we suspected might not even exist. Clearly, 2004 is different. Which leads us to wonder:

Have you been polled by a legitimate survey organization about how you will vote next Tuesday in the presidential election?
No, but they left a message on my answering machine.

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2 replies on “Thanks for Asking”

  1. So far what we have *not* received is the hate-speech-mascarading-as-poll. I.e., “if you knew John Kerry fathered inter-racial babies and then ate them for breakfast would that affect your vote?”
    I think the late Lee Atwater invented that one but Karl Rove has made it his own.

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