It starts so simply. A Kerry sign on one yard, a Bush sign next door or across the street. A Kerry sign is added, then a Bush sign. And on and on and on. Such a war had been happening on Hillside Ave. in Glen Ridge, according to lots of observers in that neck of the woods, but when we went by today, all the Bush-Cheney signs were gone. Stolen? Possibly. Was the Bush-supporting household convinced by their Kerry-supporting neighbor? Maybe. Or perhaps the signs were just getting in the way of the gardeners. (No one answered the door when we rang the bell.)

A few miles away, at the intersection of Glen Ridge Parkway and Broad St. in Bloomfield, a major yard-sign war still rages. This huge Tamborini sign, flanked by smaller Bush-Cheney signs, clearly wins the prize for biggest. But Kerry and Bush signs fill many of the yards near that intersection.
Meanwhile, today, we had several sightings of a little pro-Bush parade. Cars festooned with red, white and blue balloons and Bush-Cheney signs honked their horns as they rode down Washington St. in Glen Ridge toward Bloomfield. The commotion sounded, at first, like one of those cheerleader caravans you get on football game days. Another friend saw the same entourage in Montclair.
In other election-related local news, we hear from a 7th grader, who attends middle school at Glen Ridge High School, that the schoolwide mock-election held recently there strongly favored Kerry. According to his social studies teacher, the closest race was in the 7th grade, where Kerry beat Bush 47 percent to 40 percent. In one class (we don’t know which), Bush only gleaned 17 percent of the votes. Our prediction, no matter what happens in this zany and contentious political season: Next Tuesday, Kerry will handily win Glen Ridge, with its 0 electoral votes.
We also hear, via the Watercooler, that the traditional 5th grade bake sale at Edgemont School has been cancelled for security reasons.

5 replies on “The Political Yard Sign Arms Race”

  1. There was also more than a handful of students at the middle school on Thursday wearing red buttons that read “We have nothing to fear but Bush himself.”
    Ah, nothing like parents pushing political views on 5th graders.

  2. Perhaps there is more to it? I clearly remember when I was in 6th grade we had debates and then voted. Humphrey won by 90%. If the kids are wearing buttons, did they get them at a school debate?
    Maybe the school had something like that going on?

  3. The lone remaining Hillside Ave. Bush/Cheneystein lawn sign has been tied/secured to the domain from which it emanates. Their being of the party that has brought us a “safer” America must translate to intimate knowledge of security matters – however, I didn’t ascertain if duct tape was used.
    Always fair and balanced…
    I remain,
    Gordon Leavitt

  4. This has been the Year of the Sign, and not just in Baristaburg. Even out here in the boondocks the proliferation over other years is noticable. Even our village idio… excuse me — mayor — has papered downtown, and he is running unopposed. Say what?
    Well, the pundits are always moaning about the lack of election day participation. The good news is, this may be a record-breaking year for turn-out. Your guy win or lose, that’s a good thing.

  5. Are political signs allowed on public property? I would think not. Yet I see them all over, in Brookdale Park and along highways.

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