You may be familiar with Xanadu as the name of Charles Foster Kane’s Florida mansion in the movie “Citizen Kane.” But henceforth, in our region, expect it to be a synonym for environmental and development fights over a $1.3 billion entertainment and office complex planned for the Meadowlands. The developer is Mills/Mack-Cali Corp., a joint venture that includes the Calis of Montclair.
This week, the Sierra Club sued to block the planned development. Plans call for the complex to have an indoor ski slope, a wind tunnel for mock sky diving and a chocolate waterfall.

2 replies on “What? How Could a Chocolate Waterfall Be Bad for the Environment?”

  1. Xanadu would be a nightmare for the residents of northern New Jersey, and it would be the taxpayers who would have to shoulder the costs of the traffic, air pollution and water degradation that this project would cause.

  2. And what kind of fool thought up that name? Sure it’s from Kubla Khan, but doesn’t the association with reclusive, broken Charles Foster Kane just make the idea seem creepy?

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