Chinese_1Okay, so maybe this doesn’t solve my salt and pepper squid cravings, but it’s definitely a feast for the eyes, especially if you’ve had your fill of Colonials. This Asian-inspired palace was built in 1962 after the original home at 150 Upper Mountain Avenue, a huge white mansion, had burned down.
Listing agent Dorothy Greenwald of Schweppe-Burgdorff tells us that the inspiration for what we like to call the “Chinese palace” was a family vacation in Hawaii. The late Montclair architect Derick Kipp, who was flown to Hawaii to see the structure, is responsible for replicating the design. Featuring walls of glass that create picturesque framed views of koi ponds, exquisite grounds (almost two acres) and the Chinese_manNYC skyline, the home feels like a Zen paradise outdoors — with wooden bridges, statues and tranquil areas to pause and reflect. As authentic as it is outside, it’s just as sensational inside, with loads of modern whistles and bells. Now if just one local chef would put some authentic squid on the menu, I could be happy, too…
If you want Chinese, but not the squid, the house goes for $2.35 million. For more info and to peek inside, click here.