The Montclair Times has a story about the $35 million school planned for Washington Street in Montclair. The school is expected to open in 2008, and will likely be an elementary school.

According to the story, an architectural firm has been hired to figure out the transportation and parking issues problems posed by the location.

Good luck. We remember parking at the old Washington St. "Y" as its own special circle of hell. Or maybe, to be fair, we’re just remembering that special hellish combo of finding a parking space on the narrow one-block street, taking an infant seat out of the car, setting infant down in chaotic locker room and trying to dry off and dress a squirming wet four-year-old after swim lessons.

5 replies on “Ah, So Many Fond Memories…”

  1. Does anyone remember that the town sold Grove Street School several years ago–because “we didnt need it” for 1 million dollars? The council at the time just couldnt be convinced that the action would be short sighted. What a shame!

  2. The Township NEVER should have sold the Grove Street School – you don’t sell a public building like that in such a developed town with so few options. I’m told that the building could not realistically that it could not be used for a modern, “wired” school but we were also told that we didn’t need the space and yet only a few years later, we had a space problem that has only gotten worse. At a minimum it could have been used as the Town Hall & Community Center and we could have then sold 205 Claremont Avenue and used it for affordable and/or senior housing. That $1M dollar budget “fix” really seems shortsighted now.
    Ed Remsen

  3. It “…will likely be an elementary school.” ??
    They are ready to budget $35M (and therefore probably spend much more) and they don’t even know what it’s to BE for??

  4. When you were coming out of that heated pool, those locker rooms were also CHILLY. Chilly enough to make my infant daughter cry and shiver after “Bubble Babies.” I hope they turn up the locker room thermostat at the new facility (they’re converting the YWCA to be the new annex).

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