A heartwarming story from the recent election, sent in by a friend.

Shirley Sapir, long time resident of Bloomfield and former president of Temple Menorah, now Temple Ner Tamid, was leaving the Brookdale School after voting. Shirley commented to Mayor McCarthy, who she met on the sidewalk, that as a senior citizen she had some difficulty in crossing Broad Street. The Mayor got on his cell phone and then proceeded to stop Broad Street traffic to allow Shirley to safely cross the street. Shortly thereafter a patrolman arrived to supervise this crossing. The Mayor won re-election.

2 replies on “And We Thought Just Boy Scouts Did This Kind of Thing”

  1. In our brief encounter this AM,while waiting for Lynn,I mentioned “tourism” for this area. Marketing our area as well as NJ “stuff” for gifts and souvenirs. I am hoping to meet with Ray McCarthy next week. There are so many neat things to see and do around here, all worth sharing with visitors. What do you think?

  2. That’s why we love the little guy…always ready to go out of his way to make the grand gesture. Being civil and responsive to someone in another situation, however, will make that little cherub face beam bright red and will bring out the real McC.

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