You can relax the perimeter around your piggy bank. The Department of Homeland Security has downgraded the alert on financial institutions in northern New Jersey from orange to yellow.

What? They don’t need us afraid anymore?

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  1. Interesting…prior to the election, I had been speculating as to whether the possibility of New Jersey becoming a swing state this fall was at all related to the raising of the alert level to orange for the various financial institutions in NYC (where many New Jersey residents work) and in Newark (actually IN New Jersey). And now just a little over a week after the election, we are yellow again. Makes you wonder.

  2. There was a High Threat of losing the election. Doesn’t that count?
    The guy taking over making our American eagle sore is sooo fit for the job — he’s right up there on the Despicability Index, plus his initials are A.G. (Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General, Abu Ghraib).

  3. …or just *maybe* since the election is over the worry of a terrorist act ( a la Spain) is reduced.
    But, that being said, don’t let me dissuade you from any moonbat conspiracy theories – now is as good a time as any to start losing the 2008 election!
    I hear Michael Moore is set to start on a sequel to be called F911 1/2. With *any* luck he will release it close to November 2008. (crossing fingers)

  4. The degree of liberal despair at the Presidential election results, which comes camouflaged as verbal waspishness or truly dopey remarks about terrorism, never ceases to amaze and amuse me.
    By the way, it’d also be nice to see some liberal outrage over French (and unilateral) military intervention the Ivory Coast lately. Just as it would have been nice to see some over previous French military interventions in both Africa and Polynesia. Ah, but that surely would have been asking too much, even in Montclair.

  5. Yes, Cathar,I’ve noticed how this story about France and the Ivory Coast has *mysteriously* all but disappeared in the liberal news media.

  6. French intervention in the Ivory Coast is not unilateral, it is in conjunction with UN Peacekeeping forces. The UN peacekeeping effort was blessed by the security council, on which the US has a veto.
    The New York Times has been covering the Ivory Coast story daily since the situation exploded last week.

  7. Not only that, but I think we are perfectly correct to focus most of our attention on the affairs of our own country.
    We all know by know what happens when we presume to understand the affairs of other nations…

  8. What I expected, o you foolish liberals, was some outrage that France was crunching people hard without a whole lot of sweat about “world opinion” or the even more elevated view from Montclair. Not obscuring pablum about the UN and its Security Council (now there are two groups truly committed to democracy, right?). I realize the Times is covering the Ivory Coast intervention (sort of, but there’s much more revelatory stuff on foreign websites), and believe you me, you haven’t seen military thugs until you’ve seen French paratroopers in action. I wanted pacifistic outrage in general, people, not the smugness that passes for commentary in general around here. I wanted the sort of thing one never gets from, say, Michael Moore. I wanted consistency! And of course I didn’t get it. Not that I expected to, but still, people…….

  9. I’m sorry, I was addressing your points about unilateralism and coverage in the media. No US media source consistently covers African warfare. I would suggest the Economist, which has a more geographically balanced view.
    If you are looking for outrage comparable to that found in the US re the Iraq war, I suggest you read Le Monde,, they have a forum on the situation with exactly the sort of protests you are looking for.

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