This will be old news to Star-Ledger readers, but people who only get The New York Times may have missed Sunday’s Ledger story tracking the controversial sexual proclivities of Jim McGreevey over many years. The article, based on 500 interviews, says the departing governor favored strip clubs, prostitutes and gay bars long before anybody in New Jersey had heard the name Golan Cipel.

Ledger readers, on the other hand, may have missed this story in the Times the same day, detailing McGreevey’s penchant for influence peddling.

Now, you may go recycle.

One reply on “Catching up on the Sunday Papers”

  1. I really enjoyed the coverage that the Star Ledger provided–it was good juicy reading. The Sunday Times New Jersey section had a provocative piece about Dina McGreevey. As a former straight spouse, I have to say that these stories are very disheartening–how sad that such a charlatan (sp?) rose to such great heights. McGreevey may be sorry, but we’re the ones feeling betrayed in many ways.

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