A posse of Democrats — including Bloomfield Mayor Raymond McCarthy, Irvington Mayor Wayne Smith, State Assemblyman Craig Stanley and Sen. Jon Corzine — have joined in demanding that Bloomfield mayoral challenger Ray Tamborini apologize for political door-knockers that showed up on housesholds this weekend. The knocker featured scary Halloween figures and the words: “At least Bloomfield is Safer than Irvington.”
“I thought it was insulting to the people of Bloomfield and I thought it was insulting to the mayor of Irvington,” McCarthy told Baristanet today.

5 replies on “Dems Knock Scary Doorknockers”

  1. I agree. I think it’s tacky, insulting and possibly racist. Reminds me of posters of Nazi propaganda from WWII.

  2. And it makes you wonder — why would a six-year incumbent councilman point the finger at the dems, who’ve only been in office for three years, and blame them for everything?!!

  3. It may well be tacky, but can someone explain how this is racist? Where is race mentioned in this doorhanger?

  4. That figure in the lower left corner seems to be in keeping with Halloween, but it also bears some similarity to a Klansman.

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