Best to lay off the holiday schnapps the next few days — at least if you plan to get behind a wheel. A small battalion of unmarked state police cars (used Crown Victorias, to be exact) will be out patrolling New Jersey highways throughout the Thanksgiving holidays, starting tonight. And they’re specifically looking for drunk and aggressive drivers.

According to a story by the “Road Warrior” in today’s Record, there were 10 Thanksgiving road fatalities in New Jersey last year.

In addition to the unmarked cars, the state has contributed $150,000 to local police departments to crack down on drunk drivers over the holidays. Bloomfield and Montclair are both included in the program.

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  1. A small batallion is no joke. I must have seen at least 10 people get pulled over by those unmarked cars today. They were all over the parkway and the turnpike from Baristaville to Philly today. And in all colors, too- white, black, maroon and light blue! (Good thing my POS POV starts to shake over 70).

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