When Glen Ridge High School report cards came in the mail yesterday, some eagle-eyed students thought their cumulative grade point averages looked a little off. Confirmation came from the guidance department came today: the students were right, and the cumulative GPA’s are wrong. The averages will be corrected on the permanent record, but new report cards will not be issued, we hear. 

4 replies on “Glen Ridge Report Cards Get a B-”

  1. Somehow I find that screw up comforting; as in Misery Loves Company.
    Here’s a good one:
    I went to the Bloomfield Hi Home and School Meeting on Monday night. When asked about whether report cards would be mailed home this Friday (as indicated on the district calendar), the assistant principal replied that was the plan, but….
    …. seems the high school is out of window envelopes. So, you’re thinking either (a) hand the reports out in homeroom directly to the kids or (b) go to Staples and buy some window envelopes, right?
    Nooooooooooooooooo this outage will necessitate a team of secretaries to print labels, stick them on standard envelopes and stuff the 1,900 envelopes with the report cards! They’re still shooting for Friday, but there could be a delay.
    (Brings back fond memories of the time the margins were a little off, and the label was delivered to “23 Main Street” instead of “123 Main Street”…)
    You can’t make this stuff up!

  2. This is the second time…last year, fourth marking period, the cum gpas on the report cards were wrong. Mine was .5 lower than it should be, much to the distress of my parents. This time, my gpa seemed ok, maybe a little higher than it should be? For one, I don’t understand why they keep messing them up – get it right already! And also, I’m sure many students were yelled at and grounded as a result of the mistake. It’s not fair to put us through that.

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