Hahnes_building If you’ve got any goodbyes to say, any pictures to take, any lawsuits to file, you better do it quickly. The wrecking ball is scheduled to knock down the Hahne’s Building this Friday.

The Hahne’s building was designed by Roland Wank of the architectural firm Fellheimer & Wagner. Wank also had a hand in designing Cincinnati’s Union Terminal, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Hahne’s. That building eventually became a museum.

6 replies on “Hahne’s Building, 1951-2004”

  1. i grew up in cincinnati.
    only resemblance is bore-ing-ness.
    now, we need to fix other urban areas
    EG (HOW astonishing that the old SAXFIFTHAVE. ON millburn ave. still there hulking and stopping growth in that urban centre.) i know it’s not your beat. but where do you stop and where do you end once you have four wheels and live and work in suburbia and not NYC?
    change is necessary for life.
    good or bad. without change, you don’t breathe, your heart doesnt beat, etc.
    perhaps i didn’t help the dialogue,
    but, hey, at least, i’m noticing…
    seems to be what everyone wants now…just to be noticed.
    passing pat

  2. The Hahne & Company store building was important, architecturally and historically, and the mediocre, oversized building that is going to replace it will be a poor substitute. Letting this landmark be destroyed is proof that that Montclair is not as sophisticated as it thinks it is!

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