Snowflakes_west_orange_1 True, they’ve already started those goofy Old Navy Christmas ads on TV, and we might be soliciting holiday advertising ourselves, but we’re still of the old-fashioned belief that the Christmas season really begins the day after Thanksgiving.

That goes for you too, West Orange.

If people aren’t going to obey this rule, then we’ll just have to remind everybody right now: the Barista’s birthday is Dec. 25. That’s right, only 40 days left to shop for the Barista’s birthday.

We will cut a little slack, however, for Chanukah decorations, because that holiday starts the night of Dec. 7. And if there’s any actual snow, besides the 1/100th of an inch scrim that landed Friday night, we’ll allow snowflake decorations before Nov. 26. Until then, everybody, back to your raking.