All kinds of political dirty tricks have been reported tonight, and the theft of political lawn signs around Baristaville has long been noted, but we were baffled by this Watercooler post, reporting the theft of an “Employees Must Wash Hands” sign from the bathroom in Raymond’s restaurant on Church St. in Montclair.
Ok, it’s not up there with fake Norman Schwarzkopf calls in New Jersey, but you have to wonder about the timing. On the eve of the election? Right after the Osama bin Laden tape? Innocent coincidence? We think not.
Raymond’s employees, don’t be taken in by this vicious hoax. Please, for the sake of democracy, wash your hands anyway.
(Note to self: bring Purell to voting booth tomorrow.)

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  1. I rec’d the actual DNC phone call this morning – from General Merrill “Tony” McPeak, asking for support for John Kerry. When I heard “general” I thought “oh great, here goes a Bush endorsement.” So imagine my surprise when the call was for Kerry! Bigger surprise was to read on the internet(s) (LOL) hours later that Stormin-Norman was on the tape! Oops — no he wasn’t. It seems the Republicans doctored the Dems’ tape so they could claim the Dems’ doctored Stormin Norm’s voice. Thank God this will all be over tomorrow. (or not)

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