A story in today’s Montclair Times explains how the Hahne’s department store will come down tomorrow, and those of us looking for a big Hollywood-style building collapse will be disappointed.

Imagine several praying mantises nibbling away at a giant leaf. Now, for the leaf, substitute the 54-year-old Hahne’s building. For the insects, substitute two or three excavating machines — big tractors with long booms ending in hydraulic jaws capable of severing steel and concrete as if it were plant material.

The big issue is protecting Christ Church, whose tall stain-glass window stands only 10-feet away from Hahne’s. But come to think of it, post 9/11, who wants to see a building suddenly pancake into dust anyway?

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  1. Sorry folks, maybe I’m a bit sensitive, but I think this thread is a bit INsensitive toward 9/11 victims – and I’m not much for causes.
    If the 9/11 reference had been left out, I wouldn’t have noticed….

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