A reader writes to admonish us for failing to properly acknowledge Veterans Day.

Surely a notation to this effect would rate as non-partisan, even in Montclair? Surely, too, it would have been a nice shift in tone from the self-absorbed postings that fill the site.

Actually, we also forgot to mention that Yasser Arafat’s death, too.

However, by our clock, it’s only 11:22 pm, so we can sneak both these items in just under the wire.

We also missed this too, which while not strictly about veterans is about fighting. Thanks, Wonkette.

Oh yeah, it was a good day on the stock market, too.

By the way, just so no one gets the wrong idea, we really, really do appreciate all the veterans as well as the future veterans over in Iraq who put their lives on the line every day. We also appreciate the fact that World War I ended.

Tomorrow, we’ll resume our regularly scheduled self-absorption.