Our guess is that nobody with a telephone is going to feel lonely for the next 24 hours. We just got a call from none other than New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, urging us to vote for John Kerry. One of the Barista children fielded a call yesterday from “the daughter of that guy who won in 1960” (Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, we presume). Never mind that we couldn’t talk back to these famous dem dames. Or that they probably called several million other of their closest friends as well.

Who’s going to be next? We’re going to be disappointed if don’t hear from Bruce Springsteen by tomorrow, but a call from Paul Newman would be nice too.
Well, denizens of Baristaville, who’s called you? Who do you want a call from? And is there any celebrity whose call could change your mind on tomorrow’s vote?

8 replies on “The Phone Keeps Ringing”

  1. Hi, I’m Barney Rubble, and I urge you to vote for George Bush. If there is anyone whose policies are right at home in the Old Stone Age it is our President.
    His Bedrock family values and strong defense policies will keep us T. Rex-free in -6003. Vote Bush…

  2. Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has a recorded voice message for Pennsylvania urging people to vote for Bush.

  3. My family was visiting the in-laws in PA over the weekend, and we received a visit from a door-to-door Bush campaigner who said he’d flown in from Texas to help out. It’s pretty nutty out there.

  4. The Democrats aren’t worried about NJ. Pennsylvania shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but then again, no one REALLY knows what’s happening in these states.

  5. There is a new law that all SALES calls are supposed to have a readable caller id number. I had one sales call (123-456-7890) from a guy who called himself Tim Smith and had an obvious Indian accent. He was trying to sell me phone service.
    Here are two of the numbers that showed up on my caller id out of the many recorded calls that I’ve received over the past few days. One of them was from Norman, which I learned after the fact because I didn’t listen to much of the message. I don’t remember who the other one was from because I hang up every time that I hear a recorded message.

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