Auditorium_seats_2 For all the indignation, in certain quarters, that Paris Hilton chose Glen Ridge as a place for slumming earlier this month, Barista respectfully submits this picture of some stained and duct-taped seats in the Ridgewood Avenue School auditorium. The 600+ seat venue is home to all the theater projects in town, including this weekend’s “Oliver!”

In an announcement before each of showing of the Gas Lamp Players musical this weekend, theaterista Jessica Sporn told the audience that the Glen Ridge Education Foundation is finally taking an auditorium reno on this year — and the audience could honor any member of the cast by sending in a contribution.

This is, by the way, the same auditorium where Tom Cruise was discovered during a performance of “Guys and Dolls.”

7 replies on “Tricks with Duct Tape”

  1. Where did they get that red duct tape, I’d like some of that stuff, for my travel trailer! That would sure beat the grey stuff I use to hold the seams together with now.

  2. Thanks for posting that picture — it says it better than I did. And yes, family members, fans and friends can make a tax deductible donation as a tribute to any cast member, and that money will be used specifically for upgrading the auditorium. The tributees and donors will be listed on a permanent plaque. I think this is a great holiday gift! Donations should be sent to Glen Ridge Educational Foundation, PO Box 8063, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028, with a note describing the tribute. And yes, we are trying to reach Tom Cruise!

  3. I bet if you wrote up a press release, focusing on how Tom Cruise performed there and how it’s beign restored, and then sent it to shows like Entertainment Tonight and other entertainment sources, one of them may snag onto it.

  4. How about getting some corporate sponsorship. If you ever had a chance to see what MBNA money did for the auditorium and cafeteria at Saint Benedict’s you will agree that this is a good option. There should be enough money and corporate connection in town that could pay for the renovation the auditorium10 times. Who care about some banners on the walls inside, some advertising in the flyers or some ads on the play poster? Heck if they do a decent job and they put in a movie screen with sound system, they could generate extra income by organizing movie nights. Oh, but I forgot about the fact that the rich are not getting richer by helping out with the renovation of the local school, they rather collect money in their bank account and take it to the grave. What was I thinking?

  5. no actually the rich in Glen Ridge would rather donate their money for a very expensive gazebo, that is used only to shelter homeless people. Well at least it’s doing someone some good.

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