If the holidays are over and you’re still feeling blue, this might cheer you up. Touted as a new progressive group, BlueWave NJ, is being formed by folks who worked together during the election in Montclair/Glen Ridge, West Orange and Western Essex County. An invitation to join reads:

“We√¢‚Ǩ‚Ñ¢re going to take the energy, commitment and spirit we showed during the election and build a grass roots movement against the disastrous far-right agenda of Bush and the Republican Party.”

Fellow Blue staters can commiserate at the first meeting, Tuesday, January 11, at 7 pm at Luna Stage Theater in Montclair; please RSVP.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local. liz@montclairlocal.news

11 replies on “A Blue Christmas Card”

  1. A Leftish Grass Roots movment in New Jersey? Isn’t that like trying to convince people to eat pasta in italy?
    Seems like they would have more effect if they moved to North Carolina.
    But good luck to them.
    Also, before you can get the grass to grow it needs to be fertilized. The left needs to formulate an ideology they can rally around.

  2. I guess the Republican ideology was pretty easy to forumalate….bigotry and privelege is already all around!
    There’s nothing wrong with “the left”…what IS wrong is that we have a bunch of Democrats in office that aren’t really very “left”, but are just as corporate-owned as the Republicans.

  3. Of course all this yak yak could be moot.
    (make sure to check out the Dec 24 update!! 1 in 60!!, yikes)
    p.s. April 13, 2029 is, uhm, a Friday.
    2029 numerologically reduces to 2+0+2+9 which equals (gulp) 13!
    Doomed , doomed I say.
    (only 1600 megatons, largest bomb ever? 50 megatons)

  4. The title of one of Chaucer’s more obscure works, “Parliament of Fowles,” sounds like it might be very applicable for this planned gathering of the saints of self-righteousness. Gee, I might even go myself, if only to revel in all the hapless sputtering.

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