New_trees Barbara Rudy and Adriana O’Toole send us this picture postcard from Watchung Plaza. The arborvitae have replaced some dying dogwoods, Adriana says. But wait, see that guy in the hat, next to the old-fashioned barber pole? It looks like maybe we have a little wrinkle in the time-space continuum. Yep. Thought so. Are things changing in your neck of the woods? Send us a picture.

One reply on “Arborvitae in Montclair”

  1. This was a wonderful idea! It’s winter, and it’s holiday time and these trees are just perfect for the location. Kudos to the town for a job well done.
    By the way, before the arborvitae there were 2″ stumps in the ground, as the prior trees had been cut down when they died.

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