The Montclair Community Church has been burglarized three times since Halloween, according to this Watercooler post from Leon DeVose II.

In the past six weeks, the church at 140 Watchung Avenue has been burglarized three times to the tune of thousands of dollars in equipment PLUS a guitar of inestimable sentimental value to one of the pastors.

We are asking that the community be on the lookout for any unusual activity at or near the building. We have lost to date, a 16 channel soundboard, a power amplifier, a church member’s bass amplifier, a dual cassette deck, two hanging speakers, the Sr. Pastor’s computer (with his past few years’ sermons and other info), an assistant pastor’s Moore acoustic guitar, three or four floor monitor speakers and other items that I cannot recall right now.

Anybody who sees or hears anything suspicious is urged to call the Montclair police (973.744.1234) or the church (973.746.0042).