When members of Bike Montclair meet tonight in the council chambers at the Montclair municipal building, chances are they’ll be celebrating the draft report on bike safety recommendations for Montclair, which arrived about a week ago from the NJ Department of Transportation.

The three-volume report was a little too big to be faxed to us by Montclair township’s environmental guru Gray Russell, but he did mention some highlights. The report lists about a dozen areas of concern in town, where there have been more than a few car-bike or car-pedestrian crashes. Elm and Grove streets were high on that list.

Bike Montclair leader Jerry Fried was effusive about the report in a post to the bicyclists’ Yahoo group: “It is a really comprehensive blueprint that lays out a clear path towards making our town a more safe and civil place to be.” The meeting is at 7:30 tonight.