Free parking downtown for the holiday shopping season? We hear it’s coming to Montclair but Bloomfield got there first.

UPDATE: Just saw the bags go up on the meters in Montclair’s South End, so it looks like the game’s tied.

4 replies on “Bloomfield 1, Montclair 0 1”

  1. This was super helpful this week while I was off for the day. My friend, along for the trip, said “Wow, this is great….now if only we could find a spot!” Which we did, soon after.
    Thanks, Bloomfield!

  2. Woo-hoo! BHS students… FREE PARKING!
    As a casual observer… I recently worked in an office located on Broad Street, near American Savings. I noticed cars parked illegally and with expired meters all the time, and never (*NEVER*) did I see one of them ticketed… however, the # of tickets issued to the BHS students is legendary! Okay to ticket the students but not the customers of local businesses? Makes one wonder.

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