Dinosaurs It’s an idea that’s time has finally come. An indoor entertainment center that appeals to both kids and adults (i.e. an alternative to the madness that is Chuck E. Cheese’s). The place, Dinosaur Falls, in East Rutherford, is the brainchild of Marilyn and Dan Cashman, veteran day care center operators looking to do something different. Dinosaur Falls sure is different — and in a good way. Delivering on its name, a geologist is on hand to show kids how fossils are found, and how scientists remove fossils from surrounding rocks for further study. Kids can make a cast of dinosaur footprints and check out living descendents of dinosaurs (fish and birds) in tanks and cages through out the facility. Each hour, light shows and lectures take place on a stage with a unique waterfall backdrop.

To burn off energy, young kids can climb in the quarry; older ones can shimmy up a climbing wall. A dance floor and arcade offer another layer of entertainment, with games included in the admission price.

Another area where Dinosaur Falls shines, is the café. To go beyond the ubiquitous pizza-franks-soft pretzel fare, the Cashmans hired Chef Kamillah Corbitt, formerly of Resorts Atlantic City. She has been charged with creating a menu for kids that is appealing, yet healthy (i.e. the snack foods kids ask for, without any of the grease). The resulting perk is a separate gourmet menu for parents (or precocious children) that changes daily, with items like chicken cordon bleu or shrimp fra diavolo, and fresh salads. Dinosaur Falls is scheduled to open on Jan 2. Judging by the many moms in evidence on a recent visit, already booking birthday parties, we may have a new kid party phenom in the mix. Dinosaur Falls is appropriate for children ages 3 to 13; the cost per child is $18 and the cost per adult is $5. For more information, call 201-896-8888.

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4 replies on “Fossils, Arcade and Chicken Cordon Bleu?”

  1. I heard from recent visitors that this place wasn’t worth the expense? Is that true – has anyone been there?

  2. I s/w a mom who had her son’s party there. She said the kids loved it, the guide takes them from area to area, everything’s organized for you BUT they will try to hit you with hidden expenses. They charge $35 if you go over your party-time limit – that’s in their brochure. What they don’t tell you is that if the kids want to do the rock-climbing after the scheduled party time, it’s $5 per child PLUS $35 – they consider it being over the party time even though you’re no longer using the party room. She suggested to me to say that the party was done, but if any of the kids wanted to rock-climb, they should purchase their own tickets (which she did pay for) in the gift shop, then return to the climbing area as if they’d just walked in to do only that.

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