Festivus_2 Who says Festivus is a fake holiday? Just because it was started on a Seinfeld episode? Pul…leeze. Next thing they’ll be saying Kwanzaa’s a fake holiday.

Festivus — which takes place today, by the way — is so real that its adherants put up a Festivus display next to a creche on public property in Bartow, Fla., garnering AP coverage and newspaper stories around the world. The New York Times wrote about the upsurge in Festivus celebrations on Sunday. And who wouldn’t like a holiday with a tradition that requires family members to tell each other how much they’ve disappointed one another over the previous year? Wait, that’s Christmas…or is Thanksgiving?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Festivus (and more) here. Meanwhile go wish Liz George, Baristanet’s own Festivus baby, a happy birthday.

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