Chances are she is, at least if you live in Glen Ridge. At last Thursday night’s education funding forum, superintendent Dan Fishbein said that 11 teachers in the school system are pregnant this year. In fact, one 7th grader we know had three pregnant teachers at the beginning of the year. One’s already on leave; the other two will be out before the end of the school year.
We were going to the calculate the odds of a teacher being pregnant in the Glen Ridge Schools, but we had to count the teachers individually on the school website and, unfortunately, we ran out of fingers and toes. However, a certain 7th grader we employ in Barista’s quantitative analysis group did the math for us and calculated that one out of every 12 teachers is pregnant. Or thereabouts.

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  1. “Did the count of **potentially pregnant** teachers include only women teachers?”
    (emphasis added)
    This sounds like a question the leaders of the Democratic Party of Ohio might ask.

  2. Translation:
    The story says one in twelve teachers is pregnant. Does this mean `1/12 of all teachers or just 1/12 of female teachers?

  3. There’s a bit of a complaining tone in your post, Debbie! Let’s be HAPPY for pregnant women and remember that teachers are entitled to have lives above and beyond the needs of the children of GR! It’s wonderful for them and their families that they have been blessed! =) Kids, parents and everyone else can just deal!
    Jessica Epstein (due date: 3/4/05!) =)

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