Leaf_pile Leaf piles like these on Hawthorne Place in Montclair (shot yesterday), are the bane of internet complainers, from the Montclair Watercooler to NJ.com’s Bloomfield Journal. And for good reason. They make street parking all but impossible and clog gutters, leading local flooding on days like today. But they won’t be able to linger on streets next year. A new law passed by the state legislature will require towns that allow leaves to be raked into streets to clear the piles within seven days.

The leaf piles are not a problem in Glen Ridge, where raking leaves into the street is banned.

7 replies on “Miles of Piles”

  1. What’s so hard about raking your leaves into bags and putting them on the curb, anyway? These mountains of leaves are like throwing garbage onto the curb rather than in bags! I mean, people with big lots and tons of trees have others do it for them, and people with smaller lots can take a few extra minutes to bag it up, saving the streets from flooding, slick roads, etc. Also, how much does all this leaf pick-up cost Montclair and Bloomfield residents?

  2. Well, I don’t disagree with the bags, which some towns mandate – amusingly enough, you have to leave the bags out in their unsightly Home Depot or Lowe’s emblazoned selves until the towns pick them up – garbage won’t take ’em. If you don’t want towns to take ’em that way, and garbage won’t do it, then we need to let people burn ’em again. Those were the days.
    Oh – and on my street, the houses that DID use the bags instead of putting them in the street still have bags sitting out in front of their homes. I guess they weren’t good enough or something.

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