According to that reputable source, the New York Post, a 49-year-old Bloomfield woman was nabbed in yesterday’s bust of a high-priced Manhattan call-girl ring.

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  1. In my defense, there was nothing on the site that you don’t see on network TV (no nudity, no coarse language, in fact nothing but innuendo and women in bikinis.) The only difference is, the site was real (it’s offline now).
    In the future I will leave the salacious material to the Barista to post.

  2. Some investigative reporting!
    “The two-bedroom establishment was cluttered yesterday with cans of Diet Coke and Budweiser and bottles of Poland Spring water.”

  3. Kevin –
    My comment that Barista deleted *was* the pictures. It took about two minutes of internet sleuthing to find.

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