of a wife in Glen Ridge? According to this post on Craig’s List, $600 a week, or $32,100 a year, plus two weeks paid vacation, seven holidays and five sick days. Sure, they say it’s for a nanny, but there’s also the requirement to help with laundry and “one grocery store trip per week.”

Of course, if you add in weekly sex, that’s worth another $50,000 a year — at least according to the current issue of Psychology Today. The statistical analysis of the value of sex comes from the University of Warwick in England, so we hope they’re doing their currency conversions right. By the way, the online version of the Psychology Today story is not nearly as interesting as the print one. See page 57 of the November/December issue.

7 replies on “What’s the Market Value”

  1. So I should pay my wife $32k per year and she should pay me $50k for weekly sex… I guess I need to send her a bill. I’m also willing to give her a volume discount on the sex if she’ll go to bi-weekly.

  2. Well, that’s what happens when big-box retailers come to town. Their underpaid, no-benefits workforce drives the local talent right out.
    Perhaps keeping them out of town could be covered in the Defense of Marriage Amendment?

  3. EM – That’s funny, that’s exactly what my wife said, at least the second part.
    LOC – As to keeping their mouths shut… well I’m not going to make the obvious joke, to spare EM’s sensibilities.

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