We didn’t venture out to the Bloomfield school board’s big meeting on high school fumes last night, so we’re trying to piece together the information bit by bit. We know one thing. It went very late.

These clues appeared on NJ.com’s Bloomfield Forum:

2902.1.1. Outcome is. . .
by Ameyer, 1/12/05 8:01 ET

that it lasted until 1:10, everyone’s exhausted, and you’re going to have to wait until I get back from Fairview, and maybe even take a nap, before notes go up.


2902.1.1.1. The outcome is
by TooThrough, 1/12/05 8:15 ET

Alison was there, about five or six other parents were there. Where was everyone else? Lots to say on the internet, nothing to say in person, no time to go to a meeting.

We do hear that the construction manager has some new fancy schmancy consultant who plans to put in a system to monitor the fume situation on an ongoing basis, but that construction is not going to stop in the meantime.

See it from a different point of view? Let us know.

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  1. Any working parents in Brookdale?
    Am trying to find out if other parents could use aftercare there.
    Thanks for posting!

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