Fernley_and_alissa_2 Ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, a New York Times “Vows” column on a Hollywood wedding held in Glen Ridge, and covered by none other than the Barista. The bride: Alissa Ferguson, daughter of Carolyn and Bruce Ferguson.

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  1. Wait a minute? She’s driving to the Grand Canyon with this guy before it dawns on her that it might be more than just “business”?
    And why did they get married in Glen Ridge? Did I miss that?

  2. Maybe it was something like “It Happened One Night” and they had absolutely no idea they were attracted to one another until somehow they’re marooned at a motel with only one vacancy, and finally the Walls of Jericho came tumbling down.

  3. Happy New Year Deb,
    Nice to see your name prominently in print as I opened the Vows this morning. Coincidentally, my son and I watched the music rehearsal of this wedding. (If this is the same one.) Right after his piano lesson. The singer was brilliant, at least when I saw her. The orgainst is Hunter’s teacher, Sandor Szabo. Quite an accomplished musician in his own right. Plays all the time in town and around the area.

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