12mileswest_dry_erase_5 From the inner-sanctum of 12 Miles West: the theater group’s real strategy. (Why didn’t we think of that?) First on the agenda, raise $3 to $4 million in a major capital campaign. (Donate $500,000 and they’ll name the entire building after you. Donate $5,000 and you can have your name on a dressing room.) Second on the agenda: fix the leaking roof.

Other cool things you can find at the theater, which now boasts a Bloomfield address, thanks to Dick Grabowsky: a trio of clocks that tell time in the world’s top three performing arts capitals, Bloomfield, London and Moscow, and a time capsule to be opened in January 2013, the 100th birthday of the building.

6 replies on “Legends of the Dry-Erase Board”

  1. Does this remind anybody else of the South Park episode:
    “Gnome 2: Phase one: we collect underpants.
    Gnome 1: Ya, ya, ya. But what about phase two?
    Gnome 2: Well, phase three is profit. Get it?
    Stan: I don’t get it.
    Gnome 2: (Goes over to a chart on the wall) You see, Phase one: collect underpants, phase two-
    Gnome 2: Phase three: profit.
    Cartman: Oh I get it.
    Stan: No you don’t.
    Kyle: Do you guys know anything about corporations?
    Gnome 2: You bet we do.
    Gnome 1: Us gnomes are geniuses at corporations.”

  2. It is disheartening to see our fine work in professional theatre reduced to a cropped photo of a whiteboard in a staff office, and an off-handed comparison to a South Park episode. We expected better from professionals Bloomfield.
    Piera Accumanno
    President of the Board

  3. Piera –
    I wasn’t comparing your troupe to a South Park episode. I was comparing the text on the whiteboard. I hope noone misconstrues this as a slight to your work. To be clear, I have never been to your theatre so cannot praise nor criticize.
    Not to defend the Barista who, as a member of the liberal media has no defense, but if not for her many mentions of your group, your move, etc. on her blog I would never in a million years have heard of 12 Miles West. This instance of free publicity. in particular, seems to be entirely gratuitous. And, I presume gratis.

  4. Whoa Whoa Whoa, Don’t get heated people!
    I found the dry erase board thing very funny and speaks to the enormous and noble effort the folks down a 12 Miles West are undertaking. It’s all about the money. I’ve been to the old space and the new and We are thrilled to have you here!!!!!!!!!! I also get the South Park reference and I like dry erase writers’ “dry” wit. Keep up the good work and I hope you get to “spend” beautifully to revitalize the Downtown, the money you “get” from people who want to help you be a success.

  5. I guess the first item should be
    “a – Don’t get prematurely pissy on blogs as it may interfere with item 1”

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