Brooke Brooke, the lost mutt,who was padding around Montclair for two and a half weeks, through snow and ice, with a hurt foot and a cone collar, was found on Saturday. And in a heartwarming twist on the old Lassie story, where the dog rescues the human, in this case the internet may have helped rescue the dog. Brooke’s mug has been on the home page of Montclair Unmoderated, which spread news of the AWOL canine.

6 replies on “Lost Dog Found”

  1. This is GREAT news. As a dog lover, I am SO glad this story has a happy ending. It’s a miracle that she survived this weather. Thanks for the update!

  2. Yea!
    Now, can we report carnevale3234 from the Watercooler to the ASPCA? People who leave sick dogs in the winter weather should be punished.
    Congrats to Heather, Robert and Brooke!

  3. That’s such wonderful news, especially because of the lousy weather we’ve been having. Welcome home, Brooke!

  4. Yay! We saw the lost-dog postings all over town and hoped the story would have a happy ending… but it seemed Brooke’s chances weren’t good when the snow and cold came.
    So what’s the story? How’d she get lost, and how was she found?

  5. I’m sure that like everyone else, I’m happy that Brooke is home, but since her sightings, photograph, and report of her homecoming all come to us by way of the internet, how do we know she exists at all? Hey, I lost my American Bison at Doin’ Dishes on Church Street. Has anybody seen her?

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