Really they’ve got to be kidding. It’s not bad enough that vacation’s over, it’s overcast and going to rain and it’s the first day back to waking up by alarm clock in 10 days. But the guys fixing the water lines on our street have to show up at 7:30 and start with the jackhammers.

Tell us your adjusting-to-the-new-year story. Unless you woke up pleasantly at 6 am and went to the gym. We really don’t want to hear about it.

One reply on “Misery Index: 6.7”

  1. Oh, I’m just loving 2005, thanks for asking. First day I get the husband and kids out of the house and have some solitude… and my next door neighbor (who I really really do like so I feel guilty even complaining) has guys with jackhammers show up and rip up his patio and sidewalk. Ouch. There goes my morning of guilty (and silent) pleasure: second cuppa coffee and just one more chapter in my book! Then my sons come home from school and I find out that BHS is still full of fumes despite the super-duper fans that were installed over the break!

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