The Glen Ridge Community Pool will apparently open its third season without a permanent bathhouse. During the pool’s first season in 2003, which opened weeks behind schedule in late July, temporary toilet structures were erected, and a bathhouse was promised for the following year. Last year, the temp toilets returned, after word that the bidding process had begun too late for construction on a permanent bathhouse to begin.

Now comes news that for a third season there will be no permanent bathhouse — this time because all the bids for the project came in higher than expected. According to the pool website:

After three disappointing attempts, with bids far exceeding our budget each time and coming in at the $600,000 to $900,000 range, the decision has been made to not build a permanent poolhouse this season. We are looking into a temporary “modular” structure for the bathrooms (which would have real plumbing) and a office trailer.

In a newsletter sent to pool members, it was also revealed that the borough of Glen Ridge will now start handling back-office functions for the pool. These functions, like bookkeeping, were formerly handled by volunteers.

In addition to a third year of temporary toilets, pool members should brace for a noisy summer poolside. The Matchless Metals building, just up the hill from the pool’s sliding board, has been purchased by — who else? — Steve Plofker, along with Ridger Curtis Schade. They’re turning the brick building into condos.

The pool’s annual membership meeting is Tuesday night at 8 pm at the Ridgewood Ave. School cafeteria.

3 replies on “No Real Bathhouse, Again”

  1. $600k to $900k does seem like an awful lot for a bathhouse. Can’t you build a whole house for less than that? Anyone know why so expensive? Gold plated fixtures?

  2. It probably isn’t as outrageous as it sounds. I lost my garage this fall (it was really a glorified shed) and the bids for that are coming in around 30K… for a one car garage with no plumbing or heating!

  3. 600-900K for a bath house! Welcome to GR contractor prices. How about looking for a contractor out of the area? Bet you the price will be 300-450K. get out of the good-old-boy club, expand your horizon.
    Advice for anybody doing any construction in town: GO WEST or South for a contractor. Find one that will agree that you purchase your own materials.
    Sounds to me like somebody is not doing their job.

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