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  1. Sponges absorb bacteria like, well, sponges. Some people microwave their sponges to kill the bugs.
    What’s the problem with cycling sponges through increasingly dirtier tasks? It’s called making things last and not contributing as much to the garbage dump.
    Seems reasonable to me.

  2. I didn’t have much problem with the sponge (3 tier seems a bit much, but I know many 2-tier people…so, whatever!).
    Overall, they were obviously very anal people. I mean, the sponges are fine, but they obviously DID need to lighten up in many other areas (the scheduling everything down to the minute, the distance from the kids, etc).
    The other family had just as many problems. The kids were dying for some parental guidance and discipline. I think both wives brought something positive to the other family. One learned to lighten up, the other learned to straighten up a bit!

  3. As for the fun part, perhaps they should start giving each other sponge baths while watching SpongeBob SquarePants. Oops, wait — no TV in the bathroom. D’oh! Nope, it’s no paints in the bathr — wait, paints are allowed, just not in the kitchen. Whew, glad I got that all straightened out!

  4. I suspect that what Elaine says is true.
    In fact, I’ll wager that there isn’t much sucking of any kind going on…

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