When we first broke news on the sale of the Balcony restaurant, posters weighed in with all sorts of recommendations for the new owners. Now we’ve learned from the seller’s agent Alan Ash, that when the business eventually changes hands, an upscale Chinese eatery will take its place. Meanwhile, kudos to the brothers who currently own the Balcony for participating in Thursday night’s Project Graduation fundraiser, especially since we noticed a number of high profile restaurants missing from the list.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local. liz@montclairlocal.news

3 replies on “Score One for Miss Martta”

  1. Interesting. I ate there last Saturday, and the waiter (owner?) assured me that the rumor of its sale was sheer malarkey.

  2. LOL! My first reaction to seeing my name in a font that size was “Oh my, what did I do now?”
    That is great news, indeed!

  3. Great: Montclair already has Sesame (downtown) and Chengdu 46 (Clifton). Did we really need another alternative? I guess no one eats steak (re: my recommendation for a good Morton’s-style steakhouse).

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