Innandout As the sun glistens through the trees in front of the desecrated Marboro Inn this morning, we just have to wonder: what’s up with the sign?

Sign When Plofker was given the go-ahead to demolish the inn, was the sign somehow exempt? Is there a reason it has endured all this time, long after the inn ceased operation? Does someone enjoy getting crank phone calls (sorry, no room at the inn) or is it merely destined for auction on ebay. Also out this morning, a bereft looking man taking pictures of the forlorn structure.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

6 replies on “Sign Off Already”

  1. “… a bereft looking man taking pictures of the forlorn structure.”
    And I’m sure that the Barista was looking simply mahvelous, when “taking pictures of the [aforementioned] structure” this morning!

  2. So, what part of the Inn does everybody look at when they drive through town — the sign. It’s hard to see the Inn without looking up from the double yellow lines. Perhaps people won’t notice the change if they leave the sign.

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