Mlk_day About 200 children and parents from Rand School showed up yesterday to pack meals for 50 homebound residents as part of the school’s tradition of taking Martin Luther King day on, rather than off. They also painted a mural of a peace march, colored pictures of King and listened to a talk by Jeffery Fogel the legal director of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

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  1. I spent about an hour at Rand yesterday (in between the MLK, Jr. Scholarshup Breakfast and the NAACP/Montclair Clergy Association event at St. Paul’s Baptist Church. It was excellent and the kids and parents were having aball. Apparently the event was suggested by Rand parents Jeh Johnson & Susan DeMarco who saw this event in D.C. The theme was that this is a Day On and not a Day Off. Mr. Fogel was great and the kids interviewed some of the parents asking us about our Dr. King remembrances.
    This this town does a great job remembering a great man on the holiday.
    Ed Remsen

  2. I wish Glen Ridge would do the same. Dr. King was one of the greatest people of our time; his message is as relevant today as it was in his lifetime. A day “on” would be so much more meaningful to our kids than a day “off.”

  3. Two years ago, I took Mariel to Atlanta for Martin Luther King weekend. We went to his home, the memorial museum, and to his church. In particular, the museum makes the history of segregation in this country very real. It was an amazing trip, and an eye-opener for Mariel.

  4. Just a minor correction, but the Rand MLK “day ON” event was co-chaired by ****** Gabler and Cindy Stagoff, Rand parents.

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