Some of us are less high-minded than others.

Things we will miss most about the holiday season:
Time with family
Time with friends
Seeing two movies in the same week
Sleeping until 11
Those little pigs in the blanket
Whimsical 2005 eye-glasses
Secretly watching tsunami videos late at night
Name dropping

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2 replies on “The Season’s Guilty Pleasures”

  1. Sleeping until 11! Not me… the kids! They are so much more pleasant when they wake up half way thru the day than they are when they’re dragged out at 6 am to rush so they can stand in the cold waiting for a school bus that might or might not come… then go to school where they can inhale exhaust fumes from fork lifts during math and English class! But, as the board of ed tells us “this is not a perfect world.” Really? And here I was, confusing Bloomfield with Heaven!

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