No matter where you live in Baristaville, this evening promises a hot-bed of activity. In Bloomfield, the school board meets about fumes in the high school, among other things. ( 7:30 pm, Administration building).

In Glen Ridge, the Community Pool’s annual meeting (to discuss the non-existent bathhouse), takes place at 8 pm, Ridgewood Ave. School.

Blue Wave Meeting (for everybody still mad about the election) is on for 7 pm, at Luna Stage.

And lastly, Voluntary Simplicity Meeting, a no-obligation "intoductory session" to the concept of living simpler from 8-9:30 pm at the Friends’ Meeting House (corner of Park St. and Gordonhurst Ave). Also at Luna Stage, SpiralBridge is meeting at 7 pm to organize a tsunami relief campaign.

Let us know where you’re going, or if you’ve decided to really simplify and just stay home tonight…

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

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  1. So you are saying you’re against freedom of expression?
    Why on earth would sitting or standing mean anything to you, anyway?
    What’s so easy? “You guys” seem to have knees that jerk at the drop of a feather.

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