Thanks for all who played, but you can stop hunting. Anne-Marie Nolin of Montclair was the first reader to get all three locations correct. Nolin was so into the contest, she checked on us after midnight to make sure we didn’t post the last clue in the wee hours. While other readers might have thought our game was for the birds, eagle-eyed Nolin had no trouble finding our feathered friends. For those who are still curious…

1. 100 Warren Street

2. South Park Street above D. Marie

3. Valley Road next to Photo Cullen

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

3 replies on “We Have A Winner”

  1. I’m glad I didn’t lose points for my typo. I actually know how to spell street. Thanks for helping to promote Project Graduation. It’s a great cause.

  2. Way to go, Mom!
    I mean, Anne-Marie, who I respect as a fellow member of the community, and who should not get her prize revoked because of her connection to (i.e. birthing of) a former Barista staffer.

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