Jerry Mosier, in an Unmod post, complains of all the Christmas decorations that remain up around town. Which leads us to an important question, when should Barista start issuing Seasonal Decorating Violations for reindeer and Santas who overstay their welcome?

When should the Barista start issuing Seasonal Decorating Violations for Christmas decorations that stay up too long.
Groundhog Day
Valentines Day
April 15
Never. Santa all year round!

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8 replies on “Where Do We Draw the Line?”

  1. Last week, Jimmy Kimmel did an amusing sketch in which he and another guy — the CHRISTMAS POLICE — drive around in a van and look for delinquent decorations. They knock on doors, ask people why their decorations are still up, and warn them to take them down. Most often, the Christmas Police have to take matters into their own hands. After a long day’s work, the van is filled with confiscated wreaths, lights, etc.

  2. Mosier doesn’t understand…the people with decorations still up are celebrating his re-election as chair of the Preservation Commission.
    Ed Remsen

  3. I had no idea Ed Remsen was so I’m sorry I didn’t vote for him.
    Well..It’s not like I really had a choice, Russo was my American Government professor….

  4. I leave the lights up til spring – (March 21)
    lights up the porch =
    and they are not christmas lights – they are lights
    people have wreaths up all year round – that’s decoration
    better than boring
    adriana otoole

  5. Like Andriana, we leave our lights up as well. they are while lights and look great when snow is on the ground. In addition, we find it helps burglers steal sleds off of our front porch.

  6. I am fond of my wreath. I love my fake tree with its decorations and colored lights. It gives a spot of warmth and color to the surrounding frozen wasteland. And I’ll leave it up for as long as I damn well please– thank you very much.

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