Forecast is for 8″ to 14″ by tomorrow night. In anticipation of the storm, NJ Transit has announced that it will cross-honor all NJ Transit bus, rail and light-rail passes on Monday.

As the snow progresses, send us your pictures and war stories.

2 replies on “Big One Coming?”

  1. I’m curious: There is a debate of sorts going on in the Bloomfield forum about what’s the right thing to do when a storm is forecast to begin during the school day. You can’t cancel school, because if the storm doesn’t come, that’s a wasted day… and if school gets underway and then the snow starts to pile up, it’s a nightmare to locate all the parents to come pickup their kids. Some have suggested the school district should have announced tonight that tomorrow will be a half-day, getting in those 4 hours the state mandates, but still getting the kids home early enough to beat the storm and with advance notice to the parents that they have to pick up or make arrangements for their kids.
    So in Bloomfield, parents are wondering about this, apparently:
    I’m wondering, what does Glen Ridge, Montclair or any other community have planned to deal with the snow if it starts to mount up tomorrow in the middle of the school day?

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