Vavavoom_1 Missed the Oscars last night, but after a quick perusal of People and Entertainment Weekly, I feel completely caught up. For those who enjoy seeing best/worst dressed, they’ve got the photos, as well as some backstage banter from Chris Rock and others…

Talking about the victories of Morgan Freeman (Best Supporting Actor for Million Dollar Baby) and Jamie Foxx (Best Actor for Ray), Rock said, ”It always feels good to see some color in the room that don’t have mops.” On the same subject, Freeman said, ”It means that Hollywood is continuing to make history. Life goes on. Things change. They never stay the same. So we’re evolving with the rest of the world.”

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  1. Chris Rock was, oh, at least 20 years behind the times last night with some of his remarks The ones about Jude Law were especially mean-spirited, even if it took a somewhat drunken-looking Sean Penn to note that). Black actors have been a major, notable force in Hollywood at least that long, even if Rock’s never noticed it. He also proved conclusively that men with earrings in both ears look very silly indeed. And why was “P. Diddy” allowed up there to make some unbelieveable-sounding remarks about his “inner child?” Does anyone out there even believe he has such a thing?

  2. Does anyone have insight as to why Beyonce was given all three female solos to sing? I think she’s great — voice, style, etc. — but all three??

  3. I didn’t like Chris Rock as host…I like him better uncensored and natural doing stand up comedy…and it didnt feel like you got to see his face all that often….and I also dont think he has enough respect for the movies in general. When Billy Crystal was host, he poked fun but you also knew he loved the cinema, etc.
    I also felt his comments about Jude Law were pretty rude…but you never know. Maybe he knows Jude Law well and so he felt it’d be a funny inside jokes. But it felt a bit awkward to bash someone’s credibility as an actor at the actual Oscars! In the past, hosts make jabs at actors but in a different way. But, who knows the backstory..etc.
    As for him being “out of touch”… I think his jokes were on target. Most movies you see are all white and most movies nominated are all white. This was only the second time that a film w/ predominantly black characters had been nominated for Best Picture. A quick scan of the audience was mostly white, with occasional non-white faces sticking out of the crowd. Wake up…to say that Hollywood reflects the diversity of the rest of America is just a lie.
    As for Beyonce..we wondered why she sang all 3 too. No clue….but my thought was perhaps because she’s one of the few new young artists out there who can actually sing, LOL. I can’t imagine Ashlee Simpson, Britney Spears, etc having the talent to sing any of those 3 songs! They of course wanted a popular person and someone w/ a good vocal & style range and the ability to sing in french!

  4. If someone white had done those interviews with black filmgoers that Rock did, in which they sounded hopelessly out of touch with the nominated films, he’d have probably been correctly skewered for making blacks all sound like ill-lettered boobs. That’s the sort of thing that should insure Rock not being invited back again. As for Beyonce doing 3 nominated songs, yes, it was dopey (even if she looked great). But the songs themselves are so non-memorable, it’s as if no one cares anyway. Carlos Santana in a Che t-shirt (along with Antonio Banderas’ caterwauling) was the worst for me. Counting Crows managed to retain their credibility because it was in fact their song, done originally by them. But the other songs were simply treated as disposable. Where was Minnie Driver, for instance, when her chance to establish her vocal chops finally came up?

  5. Something I forgot to add about the diversity issue: Hollywood’s been making films with black majority casts for many years, it’s just, most likely, that few residents of Baristaville ever saw them. Do the names Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly and Rudy Ray Moore ring any bells here? And before anyone disparages their cinematic efforts (and hundreds like them), well, none of the movies any of these guys ever made is much worse than your usual Adam Sandler vehicle, for instance.

  6. >>
    Well, that’s a whole other thing all together…I think there’s a certain trust level occurs when someone from your own community pokes fun at your community. I dont mind watching gay comedians make fun of other gays, but sometimes feel sensitive when other heterosexuals do it.
    It’s normal…it’s like, you dont mind calling your brother a jerk and fighting with him..but dont dont DARE anyone else clal him a jerk and pick on him!
    Like I said, I didnt like him as the host b/c it didnt seem like he was his usual funny self and b/c it didnt seem like he was really connected to the oscars or movies.
    Yeah, I felt last night was one of the most boring Oscars ever! I hated all the songs (but I love counting crows) and I didnt find much to be funny or memorable..

  7. I think what we’ve learned from Chris Rock is that one cannot mix comedy with drama.Dramatic actors have trouble laughing and comedic actors have trouble refraining from laughing at the dramatic actors.:)

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