You read it here, and it has since become a hot topic among Cooleristas, many of whom are not willing to give up the ghost of a secret pool, despite floorplans of the Mount Hebron school’s basement and other hard evidence.

When I was at Mt. Hebron, there was this dead end section in the back and locked doors leading from the locker room and from outside. Whereever they went we weren’t allowed and the teachers said it was the pool….someone drowned and they closed it.

We admit we’d like to know what lies behind those locked doors, if they, in fact, exist? If there is a pool, does that cancel plans for the one at Elm Street? And who’s going to write the letter to Weird NJ? The story’s longevity may have something to do with an eerily familiar bit of folklore that appeared as The Tale of The Deadman’s Float, an episode of Nickelodeon’s now-defunct Are You Afraid of the Dark? 

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

6 replies on “Pool of Death?”

  1. As a former Mount Hebron student I too remember the rumors of a pool in the building. It was said to be located behind a door at the top of a stairwell leading from the “small gym” or “girls’ gym” down to the basement where the girls’ locker rom was.

  2. I am a current Mount Hebron student. I to have heard roomers about the pool, but we have narrowed it down to under the small gym. The principle does admit that there is a big section under the gym, but wont say any more. Groups of students are searching throughout the building in search for this pool.

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