In the “restaurants up for sale” category, we’ve learned that La Giada on Bloomfield Ave in Montclair is on the block. The business is listed for $135,000, and for those that are keeping track, that’s along with Church Street Cafe at $750,000, and the mystery restaurant, listed for $1,050,000, which is looking more and more like Leone’s. For $135,000, buying La Giada may just be cheaper than redoing my kitchen, and I wouldn’t have to cook anymore. Anyone want to go halfsies?

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

11 replies on “The Plot Thickens…”

  1. ahhh, i figured la giada was up for sale. the place was never very full and it’s been dark the past few weeks. i didn’t think it was the one up for over a mil, cause the location doesn’t strike me to be THAT good – esp. with the current parking situation.

  2. At least with Arnold’s you get a whole building though! I think there are 2 apartments up above and if I remember correctly, they rented for like $1500-2000 each.

  3. Restaurants up for sale, empty storefronts on Church Street, what’s happening to the vision of a “new” Short Hills Mall?

  4. Methinks the vision is being clouded by cataracts.
    Seriously, though, why is La Giada selling for such a low price?

  5. LaGiada is selling a lease, a reputation and some used restaurant equipment. Not much in the way of assets, and I am not familiar with the place, so I can’t comment on the reputation, which might be the most (or least) valuable of the three.
    What empty stores on Church Street? It certainly is not like it was a few years ago when almost every other storefront was empty.
    The former Gibbs office is, thankfully, being renovated.
    There is one vacancy in #45 where one tenant recently took a larger space and her smaller space is open. Probably not for long.
    Dick has one or two small spaces available in the Hinck Building. I am sure that he is holding out for the right kind of business to add to his mix.
    I would estimate this is a low vacancy rate, even if it was 100% not long ago.

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