The press release describes it as one of those classic “Montclair stories” you always hear about…

Two creative folks are introduced to each other at a Montclair function and when these two creative minds get to talking about what it is they do (one is a producer who is in the process of creating a kids travel DVD; the other a kids rock music writer and performer) they decide they might work together and well, the rest is history.

Ivanrebbeth2bn_1The creative minds in question are Eric Ritter, vice president of Banyan Entertainment, and Rebecca Frezza. The end result is Are We There Yet? Starring Miles The Goose, a new kids travel DVD. Frezza groupies can view it at a DVD release party on May 7th (for details, go to Thrills).

Just for fun, show your creativity by posting your very own “classic” Montclair story, real or imagined.

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

2 replies on “A Meeting of the Creative Minds”

  1. This is funny. As I was reading the teaser, which describes these people without naming them, I was sure I knew who it was. But it wasn’t. Apparently there’s more than one producer making a kids DVD who knows a rock musician… now that is a Montclair story.

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