You’d think that somebody might have considered the timing. It’s spring break in Glen Ridge. But the Carteret Park Skate Park, a town rec supervised offering that runs on weekends and after school in the spring and fall, doesn’t open until tomorrow.No_skateboarding_1 Signs and chain link, however, didn’t deter boarders, who plied their sport outside the fence yesterday (and probably all week).

Meanwhile, some skateboard parents are irked by a sign that recently went up on the Linden Ave. School playground, banning their kids.

Official skate park hours: 11 to 4, on weekends starting this Saturday through June 18, and Aug. 20 through Oct. 1. Weekdays from 3:30 to 6:30 pm during the same period. Headgear, knee pads and elbow pads required. Carteret Park is at the corner of Chapman and Lorraine Sts. in Glen Ridge.

10 replies on “There’s a Time and a Place … for Skateboarding in Glen Ridge”

  1. The world would be a better place if we ripped up these hideous skateparks and replaced them with flower gardens, where the kids could be taught to sit and contemplate the beauty of nature rather than sliding around on those skateboards, annoying us.

  2. Shall we turn the football fields into farms? How about tennis courts, basketball courts, tracks. Those baseball diamonds kick up a lot of dirt. Maybe we should plant daisies in the clay?

  3. Sorry, guys. I was making fun of something posted yesterday in another thread. I don’t really think skateparks should be ripped up and replaced with flower gardens. My son loves to skateboard. It’s a fine occupation. I wish Montclair had a skatepark.

  4. yeah! i did consider that maybe you were being funny… but it’s just a subject i am ultra sensitive about after hearing skaters maligned so often and so viciously.

  5. HEre’s an idea a SKATE GARDEN! A skate park surrounded by lilis and roses etc and freshly cut grass. There could be skating competitions where ppl could bring a picnic and watch!

  6. i think it kids should have a right to skatebord ! were you even a kid at all ?!? my kid also loves to skatebord ! and he now has no place to skatebord

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