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  1. And the point of this was? How many innocent Iraqis were also killed by terrorist fanatics on these days? How many Jews? How many Palestinians? How many Sudanese? Et al? How many more deaths were plotted today by Basque terrorists? By jihadists? By Chechens? By the IRA (who will probably also throw bank robbery into the equation? Et al?
    The point of Memorial Day, I always naively imagined, was to honor the sacrifice of others. Alive and serving and dead because they served. Not to try and score a (shaky at best) political point. Besides, the day has it origins in commemorations of the Civil War. Surely that conflict isn’t controversial on this web site?

  2. Well, the religious right of its day were the most vehement anti-slavery folks in the North anyway. Lincoln was famously ambivalent about slavery until well into the war. So was it a combination of the religious right plus the big lie (i.e. that the war was, initially at least, fought over slavery) that led us to the bloody carnage of the Civil War (aka War Between the States aka War for Southern Independence)?

  3. If the point is that we should remember the fallen with respect every day then I agree.
    Somehow the casual “tossed-off” jetsam of the “days” makes the true purpose of the cartoon all to clear: one cartoonist’s way of honoring the fallen is to claim their deaths to be worthless and in vain.
    A popular, I am sure, notion in these parts.
    The true problem with liberalism (any more because it was not always the case) is that it is a political ideology bereft of a foundation of belief in, well, anything much at all — save for the self-righteous sanctimony of its adherents.
    If solipsism is the sum-total of your beliefs then, necessarily, all casualty due to any external belief is necessarily “in vain”.
    Such is the “spirit of the day” here in “Blue” America! No need or desire to simply honor the dead in a neutral way. Far to generous a thought that perhaps even if you think their deaths were in vain, they surely did not. Far be it for us to simply say that “we honor your sacrifice”. Much too complicated a notion, hereabouts. Especially when there are cheap political points to be made – more self-gratifying gyrations one can “spill” forth.

  4. I hate to take away from all the momentous talk of Memorial Day, but…
    I’M DONE!!!!
    Exams: over. My academic career: ended (for now). Today I had my last exam! Yay!

  5. Well, I went to a parade this morning and saw a young serviceman in his dress white uniform, white gloves, crew cut… and it made me want to cry. God as my witness he didn’t look a day over 15 years old. I guess he had to be 18. He looked so young and so proud, and all I wanted to do was to thank God that my boys are home and safe and that this boy would be kept safe, too.

  6. This thread is a perfect example of how one might want to join in here, but the same vicious, hateful, and, unfortunately, ubiquitous posters make the whole endeavor unappealing. It’s like walking into a room with a foul odor, and I’m sure I’m not alone in choosing to simply click on (this time with these words thrown over my shoulder).

  7. Yeah, it always irks me that the “I Hate America” crowd fails to see irony in that American lives lost in wartime are responsible for their right to condemn that same America.
    Try doing this in Beirut or North Korea and see where it gets you.

  8. Man, I don’t visit here often cuz of the skanks that haunt these off precints e.g. ROC, cathar, etc. but I gotta say this:
    Get over it, you sanctimonious clueless assholes! You have no idea what the progressives, liberals, Democrats even modestly moderates think — you’re still locked into the Archie Bunker worldview. Absolutely incredible…
    Hey, dig it: Every evening I line my kids up when they’re around and we all stop what we’re doing and sit in silence reading the names of the newly fallen heroes in Iraq that only Lehrer and PBS Newshour are brave and patriotic enough to broadcast.
    These men and women are dying for no good reason and that’s a criminal act that I hope someday men like Wolfowitz, Bush and Rumsfeld will be prosecuted – at least in the dungeons and courthouses of their individual tortured souls.
    On this Memorial Day, I salute the dead and wounded of our proud land and wish deep props and condolences to their surviving kin.
    To the yipping, reactionary tools on this list I can only hope someday you suffer a similar pain. I mean it.
    So how about it?… maybe just maybe with a little effort, you can wrench your swollen, dizzy, hateful heads outta your sorry Reagna-era asses and get on with life creatively, constructively – hey — lovingly!…
    Thom Kennon

  9. Why does everything have to be so freaking political and divisive. It’s Memorial Day – it’s not about you it’s about people like my Uncle who died in the Battle of Leyte Gulf and his body was never recovered. It’s about brave soldiers who fight – regardless of politics – for a nation not any one political leader. It’s about alll those Americans who have died so others could have a taste of freedom. I just left Beirut this morning and it would be nice, just once to log on to this blog without having to see everything boiled down to the hate Bush, love Bush bifurcation.Honor the fallen and take a moment to be silent to remember that there have been people who have actually sacrificed everthing just so people like us can bitch an moan about how terrible everything is. This makes me sick. Maybe I will stay an extra week.

  10. Assholes like Cathar and ROC poison
    the atmosphere here.
    This time I decided to announce that I am taking my business elsewhere.

  11. “To the yipping, reactionary tools on this list I can only hope someday you suffer a similar pain. I mean it.”
    There’s a lot of love out there today, oh yeah.

  12. Touche! Who ever this is (why do people cowardly hide behind pretend names!?) i take it back. That was a nasty slice. My bad.

  13. jmo is of course correct. My broadside against liberalism was not fitting the day and was owing to anger and weakness on my part and I wish I had not said it. However, on this of all days, I won’t sit idly by when cartoons like the one above are published. I’ll take nothing back that I said regarding that cartoon and it’s message.

  14. > If the point is that we should remember the fallen with respect every day then I agree.
    > Somehow the casual “tossed-off” jetsam of the “days” makes the true purpose of the cartoon all to clear: one cartoonist’s way of honoring the fallen is to claim their deaths to be worthless and in vain.
    I took the cartoon to mean that we should also think about the soldiers who are dying on THIS DAY, while we are honoring those who have gone before them. The sacrifice doesn’t just stop because we’re having a “holiday.”

  15. Yes, Chris– and, BTW, you’re one of my favorite posters, so don’t feel bad–I interpreted it as reminding people that they should think about the lost lives every day, not just on the designated day.
    I don’t see it as saying the deaths were “worthless”. Were they “in vain”? I would say so, but the cartoon doesn’t.

  16. Maybe it’s a good cartoon after all — it seems subject to at least two interpretations.
    Oops, LB, I didn’t realize “the Despised” was still attached to my name. That was supposed to be a one-time joke for the poll. I’m not feeling bad about that.
    But thanks for your kind comment — and the feeling is mutual.

  17. Thom Kennon says Man, I don’t visit here often …
    Thank goodness! What a hate-filled, one-sided rant — on Memorial Day, no less. It really tickled me to see you use words like “sanctimonious” and “swollen, dizzy, hateful heads” while you wish pain on people due to political views.
    There are millions of recently purple-fingered Iraqis that might beg to differ with your characterization of whether our men and women in Iraq are “dying for no good reason.”
    Here’s to hoping that you may, some day, actually “get on with life creatively, constructively – hey — lovingly,” because you have fallen far short today.

  18. I repeat:
    Let us all honor the fallen dead and wounded, and their crushed families and loved ones.
    and screw this asshole anonymous poster.
    stand up, dude, and attach your ideas to a name and face you freaking coward.
    Thom Kennon

  19. stand up, dude, and attach your ideas to a name and face you freaking coward
    Yeah, like you are sooo courageous, calling people out on the internet. I will not reveal myself.
    You have already been revealed as a snarky, sanctimonious, unloving, disrespectful, hate-filled hypocrite…
    stand up, dude
    … and a sexist, too!
    You don’t like that you came on an internet message board, spewed hypocrisy and venom, and got called on it? Too freakin’ bad.
    Do you have a coherent argument about why it would be good for Saddam to still be in power, or will you just stick to shedding crocodile tears for the dead and wounded while demanding names and faces of those with whom you disagree?

  20. Ahem… Who ARE you?
    Stand up like a man and I will debate.
    Otherwise, stop wasting everybody’s time with your panty-waist, anonymous dodges.

  21. Ahhh, so nice to see such an open mind.
    The appeal to the crowd is a nice touch — yes, let’s not waste people’s time(!) — while strutting around with tough guy posturing.
    You call “courage” revealing one’s self to a hostile, testosterone-y cock-of-the-walk poster? You are so butch!
    People surely will appreciate your COURAGE. When they see you around town from now on, maybe they will think to themselves, “ooooh, there goes a courageous, non-pantywaisted real man! He knows how to celebrate Memorial Day in the bravest way, by using his real name on the intarnets.”
    It’s OK that you’re feeling exposed and stupid, what with all the name calling that you started with, but doing more of it does not further impress. I bet you’re the guy at the customer service window who DEMANDS TO SEE THE MANAGER! while looking around at all those poor idiots in line behind you. They don’t have your special courage. Maybe, when your sending your food back at the restaurant, you toss in something like “tell him it’s for Thom Kennon” to ensure that your food gets better treatment!
    Demand my name again! Go ahead, do it! You’re the substitute teacher with his zipper open — hit from behind by a spitball, and you can’t stand it. I bet you’ve even used the phrase, “don’t you know who I am?” to some feckless, minimum wage sucker who obviously is a pantywaist and who doesn’t live their life as lovingly as you do.
    To frustrate you further, I get the last word!

  22. Too scared to attach your sad vitriol to your face around town, dude? Let us know when you’re ready to stand and be recognized.
    Till, then, just keep talking to yourself, girlfriend.

  23. I feel like I’m watching an old spaghetti western! “Get outta town by sundown, Pardner!”
    Break out the popcorn!

  24. Thom Kennon, you sound like a child today. An angry, petulant one. Martin, you sort of do too. Angry/sad/confused, ditto, and I won’t stoop to calling you folks names back because you probably wouldn’t understand them. ANd it’d only your expectoration levels. As for these seeming threats Kennon makes, Thom, baby, bullies are a dime a dozen. So are ersatz tough guys. I somehow still doubt, however, that you’ve ever punched anybody out since about 4th grade. (If then.) So don’t threaten, even by implication, to do it here. I also doubt that you and your brood get together and brood in silence about the names of the dead soldiers. Perhaps, in case you really do this, you might want to ask Jim Lehrer to read the names of, oh, let’s say Saddam Hussein’s victims from just the last 10 years. That’d certainly take a few years based on Lehrer’s nightly time slot. And then you could start in on victims of the IRA and UDA in both Ulster and the UK over the last 25 years, that’d take another few months. Then on to the victims of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and al-Qaeda…..We could go on here, but I hope you get the point. And again, can the tough guy stuff, if only because it doesn’t set a good example for your children. The next time you call me a name, too, smile (you’ll get that if you’ve ever read “The Virginian,” although my presumption of cultural literacy isn’t a given in your case).
    God but it’s depressing that mere mention of the sacrifices others have made to serve this nation arouses such fury. Some of you guys sound so churlish you’d probably spit in the waters off the USS Arizona monument.(Well, I can guess who didn’t buy what used to be called a “buddy poppy” this year.) Has it really come to this sorry pass in baristaville while Marshall dances in glee over the completion of his exams? Like Snoopy?
    Miss Martta, I honestly hope you had a lovely weekend. You too, Chris, ROC and jmo (and the absent walleroo), but jmo, where are you staying an extra week? Leyte Gulf? That part’s unclear.

  25. Hey ‘Cathar’—
    Who the freak are you?
    You wanna come up on me, fella, give me a name and it’s a date. xox to you and your man ROC.
    Btw – they let you plonks get away with this stuff over here all the time?! Not healthy.

  26. jmo –
    Paris??? Am so jealous…
    Ah well, twilight in GR ain’t too bad today either…

  27. Oh Tommy Kennon, you do indeed sound so tough, I am thusly, as butch (whom I miss today, I even hope she had a grand vacation) might write, “skeered.” To avoid further embarassment to yourself, however, and to your family (unless your family is something like the Borgias. or maybe Ma Barker, Doc Barker, Alvin “Old Creepy” Karpis and the rest of that tommygunning crew), you might want to review your previous emails before sending any more. You’re getting intemperate, Tommy, makes me wonder if those old forehead veins aren’t throbbing wildly right about now. You of course also know, given that you’re such a faux-thug and know damn well that your “opponents” here are much better bred (and much smarter) and accordingly will not reply in kind to your sillyass machismo, that we’re never going to meet in the middle of Bloomfield Avenue to settle this out. That said, I might caution you, little Tommy, none might turn out to be the “pantywaists” your sad self imagines here. But then most of us learn this by age 16 or so at the latest. Obviously you haven’t yet, that’s probably because your emotional age based on today’s postings looks to be 15 tops.
    And “plonk,” you brute, is Brit slang for cheap wine. Does that make you, by hairy-chested contrast, the physical equivalent of grain alcohol? Now I hope you’ll excuse me while I say my evening prayers and thank god for both the American armed forces and for President Bush. And then sing “You’re A Grand old Flag” to my collection of stuffed animals.

  28. cathar
    Why do you even bother to respond to this nut? He sounds like he needs to be medicated.
    I agree the cartoons is ambiguous… but after reading all the back and forth here…I agree with jmo- why is Memorial Day something any of us have to politicize? They all died in combat somewhere, sometime, good or bad, because they wanted to be there or maybe the did not. Whatever.
    May they rest in peace.

  29. Pam, I will respond (as ever) respectfully. He does sound a bit “off.” Yet I’m just ever so bored with fake toughs, perhaps because I have an awful lot of experience with the real kind. So I joyfully jab verbally at the phony kind. Well, it’s better than bear-baiting, no? (And we wise guys have to stay in practice. Besides, butch is on vacation.)
    Of course jmo is right about Memorial Day. I mourn my own dead today. And, in some ways, every day. (Perhaps Oliver Stone can use this as an excuse for his latest drugs and DUI bust, given that he’s the rare Hollywood Nam vet.) I also read that some 4000 WWII vets die daily and that only about 100 WWI vets are still around. That’s why I think that on Memorial Day we should also commemorate those who “merely” served, who serve now. Not just those who died in the service of their country.
    The reaction posts of this nature engendered today, however, honestly made me fearful for baristaville. (Is the local water fluoridated, would you know?) Such spew, such hokey ferocity, such cock-of-the-walk strutting as if Thom Kennon is wearing fighting spurs, well, I never…..just as I know he never will, either. But I also hope you had a grand weekend, regret not including you in the original list above.

  30. “collection of stuffed animals”???
    Surely you jest!
    Anyhoo, hope you had a great weekend as well.

  31. Like Thom, I’ve avoided these proceedings for quite some time now. I cautiously and optimistically ventured in, only to find the same ridiculous bickering that has turned me away time and again. So much so that I will be reluctantly removing the bookmark to this page, and do not plan to return. I’ll just leave you with the words of Frank Rich on the issue:
    “Memorial Day itself will bring another “Nightline” reading of the names of the fallen: the more than 900 Americans who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan since Ted Koppel’s previous recitation. When he read 721 names in April 2004, Mr. Koppel was labeled a traitor by the right for daring to call attention to the casualties, and some affiliates even refused to broadcast the show. This time the prospect of a televised roll call of the dead has caused little notice at all. Like the latest setbacks at ground zero, it is a troubling but increasingly distant event to those Americans who, unlike the families and neighbors of the fallen, can and have turned the page.”

  32. Well, I for one am not leaving. At least here there is actually the opportunity to confront people with whom I disagree. The rest of the internet is absurd. On the left, it’s inward-looking squabbling of the unnecessary variety, and on the right it’s endless repetitions of “Nuke Mecca!” and “Why We Must Win”. I’m probably one of the few people to have been banned from Democratic Underground and Little Green Footballs.
    As vitriolic as Thom was, Cathar, he does bring up a good point. Are you or have you ever been a twelfth century heretic?
    PS You latter-day Liberty Lobbyists will be happy to know that my very last exam essay yesterday was a defense of George Bush’s administration. The question was so stupid and so biased that I had to respond with an answer calculated to piss off. Maybe not the best thing for my ultimate grade.

  33. Man alive! To miss a day of Barista news is something that I will surely try to avoid in the future.
    *brings the Redenbacher*

  34. (But I also hope you had a grand weekend, regret not including you in the original list above.)
    My motto… no regrets.
    Weekend was grand, thank you. I’m one of those who rises in the morning, and finds herself grateful just to wake up sometimes…
    As far as memorializing those who have served in the armed forces as well as those who died, isn’t that what Veteran’s Day is all about?
    I was rather ambivelent about the armed forces and military for much of my life. This despite the fact that I am a daughter of a Korean era Marine who received the Purple Heart.
    Dad never talked much about the war, in fact he rather avoided the subject altogether. But every year on the Marine Corp birthday, he would make us all rise at 6a and we would march, half asleep to the Marine Corp anthem and watch bleary eyed while he raised the Marine Corp flag. We’d manage a salute, then stumble to bed.
    I always thought this little annual exercise in patriotism was quaint, until September 11.
    Now I get it.

  35. “I’ll take my business elsewhere! No longer will the Barista have the benefit of my unpaid patronage. I’ll no longer suck up her bandwidth while not buying her merchandise or clicking on her ads!”
    Don’t you love it? Doesn’t being a “customer” imply a transfer of some kind of monetary instrument? Or at least the bartering of goats or something? Perhpas they have been slipping quarters in their disk drive slot with every post they read?

  36. Marshall, if you’re asking, now that your exams are over and you’re no longer a twit-in-training and will soon be a fully certified-degreed one, if I’m in fact a veteran, the answer is yes. I also try not to play “gunfighter” in print as Kennon did, the world is already too full of would-be Johnny Ringos, and I probably had much more life experience, and less innate condescension, when I was your tender age than you seem to now. You sound like you’re trying out for a permanent seat at Lady Astor’s table. Nor does this “Liberty Lobbyist” much care that you fudged your principles in an essay question.

  37. I have to say that, despite Thom’s intemperate language, I somehow prefer it to the cold-blooded hypocrisy of Cathar and ROC. Thom has shown himself temperate over a long period of time under his real name and losing his cool just makes him human. He obviously cares about the issue.
    Even ROC apologized for his intemperance, though… come on back Thom and say sorry for the temper and make your points in the cool light of day, because I think you have some good ones.

  38. Some people lose their cool, lex. Others seemingly threaten mayhem on others. There’s a big difference. But I’m “hypocritical” because I know better, that TK come the cold light of a sobering day won’t prove half the strutting tough guy he was in postings? That none of us, including yourself, are that stupid? Come on now.
    And I don’t think the use of what may be one’s true given name necessarily constitutes honesty. Nor am I asking for yours.
    As for TK’s original point, I’m still not sure I knew it was, it was hard to discern through all the bleary-eyed posturing and language colored the same shade of carmine as the plastic buddy poppy on my sun visor.

  39. “the cold-blooded hypocrisy of Cathar and ROC.”
    Lex – our shining example of high-road taking?
    Tom’s outright screaming personal ad hominem√Ǭ† rant is fine and dandy, because he “obviously feels strongly about the issue”. Yet my attack on a political ideology (the source of the cartoon’s slander) is somehow beyond the pale?
    And, now, No-Last-Name Lexie comes to lecture me on hypocrisy?”

  40. “I can only hope someday you suffer a similar pain. I mean it.”
    If this is “human,” then I’ll stick with the beasts of the forest any day.

  41. Good morning, Miss Martta, I just wanted to say that yes (of course!) I have a collection of stuffed animals. I wasn’t in the least bit kidding, and it includes among others 4 Garfields, ALF, Speedy Gonzales, a New Jersey Jackal and Norbert of “The Angry Beavers” (daughter still has Daggett, but we’re negotiating should the ex ever wish to clean house).
    Sweetly said posting above, too.

  42. p.s. this is off topic (it might be good to change the subject anyway), but i wanted to point out that an official of the Corzine campaing is responding to the “Corzine Care” discussion in the Barista story.

  43. ROC’s correct, the subject above probably needs to be dumped off for a while. But I can also hardly wait to see what a discussion of July 4 brings to this website. “Usual suspects,” plus a few new cranks above, you have more than a month to get ready!

  44. “I just wanted to say that yes (of course!) I have a collection of stuffed animals. I wasn’t in the least bit kidding, and it includes among others 4 Garfields, ALF, Speedy Gonzales, a New Jersey Jackal and Norbert of “The Angry Beavers” (daughter still has Daggett, but we’re negotiating should the ex ever wish to clean house).”
    You never cease to surprise me, Cathar!

  45. Well, I’m the last to consider myself the voice of reason. That’s why I’m willing to give Thom a chance to make his point more rationally. It’s the chance I would want myself.
    Cathar, your hypocrisy was in taunting people while simultaneously pretending to take the high road.
    ROC, I don’t care if people use their real names or not. It takes a sort of foolishness to do so, in my opinion. But taking public responsibility for your own anger changes the complexion of it. I think ad hominems much worse when cloaked with anonymity and I certainly consider my uses of them more grievous than I do Thom’s.

  46. I’m not sure I’ve ever purposely taken the “high” or the “low” road, Lex, if that’s what’s bothering you on the way to Loch Lomond. But I have learned that even if you “taunt” someone, that never quite excuses threats made in reply. Sister Miriam clarified that back in first grade and boxed my ears in the process. I’ve also learned, the very hard way (as maybe TK never did), not to make surely idle threats. Among other places, the Army taught me that one. And I don’t think that suggesting some would-be enforcer accordingly cut it out constitutes “hypocrisy.” Quite the contrary, I was trying to be helpful. Surely Kennon would never poke his head into a biker bar and yell, for example, “Pagans are pantywaists.” (Perhaps too, some well-meaning nun never boxed his ears for him.) Yet such loco behavior is okay in baristaville? Come off your high horse (or out of your aisle bus seat) on this one, please.

  47. Lex, it surprises me not that you consider the “badness” of an attack somehow relative to some aspect of the attacker. (and I guess by extension the atackee)
    In my right-wing-addled simplistic way I consider an attack and attack, plain and simple. Because at the other end of the CRT is an actual human attackee.
    I am certainly not without sin. I make (feeble and sometimes unsuccessful) attempts to make sure I am attacking the idea or ideology and not the person.
    My comments about liberalism were unfair and certainly a “sin” because there were not sufficiently qualified in scope. I don’t even believe that all liberals are solipsists, only some.

  48. Well, you two, the recent popularity contest have showed me that my feeble protests do no good anyway. But I do consider an anonymous threat worse than one not anonymous. If someone called my house and said “I’m going to kill you” I would have a hard time sleeping. If someone got pissed off at my sitting in the outside seat and yelled “I’m going to kill you!” I would probably shrug. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems the difference between being mad and being angry.
    But that’s all besides the point I suppose… my point, poorly stated as it was, is that Thom is a known quantity from other boards, where he seems a level-headed family man. I’m willing to make the occasional exception for people flying off the handle. Those people you just generally need to talk back down and they’ll apologize and be reasonable.
    Thom might also not be familiar with the type of post favored here on Barista, which seems very unlike the recent tone on UnMod.
    But, w/e, it’s not really my fight. Not sure why I’m arguing it. And I’m sorry to the both of you for calling you hypocritical in this context.

  49. Lex,
    Apology accepted. I am again sorry for my rash anger. BTW Thom’s outburst was entirely nominal at UMOD back in the days when I posted there.

  50. p.s. I am sure the current “tranquility” of UnMod is in drection inverse proportion to the number of conservative posts.
    My experience there some time ago was that if you challenged the status-quo much it got pretty uncivil pretty quick. Much more uncivil than here. Much.
    My theory was that it was because it was a (somewhat) “Gated Community” whereas Barista has more of a public feel.

  51. Thank you. I’m sure I’ll find another context in which to insult you (didn’t want you to think I’m getting soft 🙂 .)
    I heard the UnMod owner got ornery, loaded some rock salt into his thirty ought six and chased them all away.

  52. Lex, there are few reasons HERE ever to apologize. Montclair unmod maybe, but I’ve never visited there anyway.
    What this site reminds me of is the British Houses of Parliament, where debate can be pretty spirited and nasy at times. I recently read a story that said the reason that “MP-from-Baghdad” George Galloway seemingly verbally bested a Senate committee is because they were simply unprepared for his Parliamentary brand of sledgehammer sentences and attacking style. So just think, should you run for office soon, you’re much better prepared for give-and-take than, say, Lautenberg or Frist have ever been.

  53. ROC, sorry the link didn’t work for you, I just dragged it in from an email,not sure of any other way to post it, well at least Miss Martta saw it. Anyway, I noticed you make your links hot, how do you do it? I’d like to know if you don’t mind explaining to someone not as computer literate.

  54. oh my gosh. I am really really sorry. I was just trying to illustrate how and where to do the code. I had no idea, really that is was a real site and I did not check.
    Barista can you remove?

  55. Thanks!
    (Sorry again)
    So Martta and PAZ do this:
    [a href=””]Name-Your-link-Here[/a]
    only replace the [ and ] with

  56. There was a time when URLs were automatically hot-linked here. I think that was changed to allow for Milo’s tables. Can we go back to automatic links? Those tables are few and far between.

  57. Chris, I used to want that too, but now it is much funner (once you learn how) to do inline links!
    Pam, now, what on earth got you thinking along those lines?
    Interesting about Felt. I bet he needs the money from the talk-show circuit! It will be interesting to hear the inside story.

  58. Pam, now, what on earth got you thinking along those lines?
    Interesting about Felt. I bet he needs the money from the talk
    I am at work … immersed in it now.
    Well he’s 91, and in ill health, so I think he just wanted to reveal it all.

  59. We need a new Deep Throat!
    To many swallowers in the Bush admin….and the good Lord knows there’s plenty to spit!
    I’d like to see the books from Iraq for one….how much of our cash is unaccounted for? Or has been donated to Halliburton?

  60. Well, Cathar, I wasn’t asking if you’ve been in the military but it’s nice to know you have. I’m not sure which part of my previous post gave you that impression.
    I’m glad that nothing I say here will ever satisfy you. Maybe I spoke too soon in declaring that I wasn’t leaving. Your denunciations of Mr. Kennon seem to belie a certain rush to judgment on your own part.

  61. Ahhh….Those were the days eh, lc? Back when the press could take down a president! Of course the journalists of those days had such strange and quaint customs which have so fallen out of favor with the current crop – like actual and verifiable sources; holding a story until you know with some certainty it is true; trying to reveal the truth as opposed to further your own political favorites — that sort of thing. Yes, strange and bizarre practices, no? As strange and out of place as the cod piece and the antimacassar, eh? (though, come to think of it, a presidential cod piece with a padlock might have come in handy recently).

  62. Marshall, it’s simply that you sound to me simultaneously both “old” and inexperienced. Perhaps you’re a duffer-in-training (although duffers are commonly Republicans, Bush Sr. was certainly a duffer president). I don’t know, should you return here, how can we, by which I mean America, possibly satisfy you? I mean, golly, we don’t even seem to share either your preferences in sports or in the vagaries of Gallic politics. Heck, we don’t even much care about French politics in the first place. You seem emotionally distanced from America, purposely aloof, distinctly non-sweaty. I picture you picking up your pipe and your copy of “The New Statesman” and shaking your head disdainfully at doings in the colonies. And we prefer our beers cold (although they do have “Guinness ice” over there, right?). I wonder how you paint Montclair to your British friends. As a sort of Jerseyfied Milton Keynes, but with some semblance of both a restaurant scene and night life?

  63. Okay Cathar, I previously didn’t realize how much I didn’t like you. Your post doesn’t deserve a response. Goodbye.

  64. Marshall you’re just NOW realizing this? You’ve got a lot of catching up to do, boy. The rest of us have despised cathar for eons. Unforunately, it is what makes him thrive. He is a real hotshot.

  65. Duh, thank you, duh. My regards to the rest of you who despise me, too. You may now go sulk in the corner with Marshall.

  66. ROC-The Texas National Guard story and the Quran story especially, met with Rovian responses. I mean how could a Vietnam vet like Kerry(sic) be a made a fool of by Bush(sic), with ol’ Nam on the table?
    And the Quran allegations were verfied by Amnesty International just yesterday.
    Yes ROC, the journalism was disgusting in both those cases, but the stories were right. The former does not then void the latter.
    And Cathar, you suck.

  67. “Fake but True”
    The new motto of the Democratic Party!
    So frighteningly close to “Ignorance is Strength”, isn’t it?

  68. “Fake but true” Are you kidding me, thats the life-blood of any Republican swine-bastard.
    WMDs? Aluminum tubes? Imminent Threat? Mission Accomplished? Foreign Fighters? Flying the US wounded home at night? Post-election decrease in the insurgency?
    Come on ROC.
    They all practice “fake but true”, but your boys have perfected it.

  69. This is one of the nastiest threads I’ve seen here in a long time. (And it started from what looks to me like a fairly apolitical cartoon about Memorial Day.) Glad I took a break this weekend. Why don’t we all up our meds and try to be a bit more level-headed, please?

  70. Most political cartoonists strive for apolitical cartoons, I suppose.
    I don’t know why I took offense, especially when the cartoonist’s political point of view are so
    to clearly
    and fully
    In fact, I am sure he meant no slight on the war effort at, which he clearly supports!
    Again, my most heartfelt apologies to the cartoonist.

  71. Well, when I look at the cartoon that Barista posted, all I see is the mild point that service men and women are making the ultimate sacrifice each and every day for all of us at home, and that they deserve one day of memorial at the very least. I think this is one thing we should be able to agree on, regardless of what you think of the war in Iraq or the Bush admin’s conduct of it (and you probably have an idea what I think), or of war in general.

  72. Don’t get me wrong. I agree with you. We shouldn’t make political shots on Memorial Day. The cartoon is so clearly and unabashedely honoring that perhaps we should carve it in stone and place it in Edgemont Park!

  73. I love the invective would-be thugs send me through this site. It’s so courageous of them. And so liberal. It pays such gaunt -self-tribute to their literacy, too, and their core kind hearts.
    Welcome back, walleroo, but I think you were much too kind re the cartoon. You’re searching for a nice way through this thicket, and there isn’t one. Really, if we’d wanted Ted Rall-type “cartoons,” we’d have gone to his website. Sorry you missed all the mudslinging.

  74. ROC, thanks much for those links to other cartoons on “humorink.” I hope others will follow the link to them too, and I look forward to their comments on the cartoonist’s (cartoonists’?) apparent anti-Semitism. Or will some of these political milquetoasts also try to claim those drawings are subjec to multiple interpretations too?

  75. “Or will some of these political milquetoasts also try to claim those drawings are subject to multiple interpretations too?”
    For sure, Cathar. If the New World Socialist Party has its way, they’ll be teaching Hitler’s “point of view” in the classrooms any day now.

  76. Miss Martta, they may not (yet, yes, you’re probably right) teach National Socialism as a viable political option in our colleges and universities, but academe is in fact full of Holocaust deniers and related assorted cranks. One teaches at DePaul U, another named (I believe) Butz is an engineering prof at Northwestern and yet another teaches at a branch of UNC. Even Noam Chomsky (okay, all you wild-eyed liberals out there, gasp!) has gone on the record, and often, defending some particularly crazy Neo-Nazi and Holocaust deniers from France. With creepy passion, I might add. Only the guy at Fairleigh got booted, and that was because he simply lacked tenure.

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